Hello !

What is the blog about ?

The blog is an extension to my twitter accounts, whenever I get something to spiel in more than 140 characters, I write here. As the name suggests, the blog is about poetry, however at times, I also write about short story writers.

Please hover your mouse over Poets and you will see a list of poets. You can also read some short shorties by going to Opinions.

Do I blog often ?

No, I don’t. Usually, it’s only when I have something important to write about. If you are new here, I have enough content on the blog for you.





18 thoughts on “Home

  1. Atul Prakash Trivedi

    Beautiful. Simple , Elegant. Now what you need are linkages. I am currently visitng home. Let me return I will send the other blogs on similar theme of shayari, Urdu poetry and you can develop linkages with like minded bloggers , interest groups.

  2. Jasmeet Singh

    Hi Ali,
    I am really impressed the way you are sharing the Ghalib poetry. He is one of my favorites. I am also going to follow the other poets. I have heard some poems of sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal, and I will definitely follow. Keep up the good work.

    Jasmeet Singh

  3. Anonymous

    I’m Iraqi s it’s hard for me to understand Urdu. Thanks for translating some of Ghalibs work in English! Amazing poet.

  4. Aysha Akhter

    Generally the blog is Awesome specially the theme is so nice. You need to modify few things side bar , creative logo about poetry and use Social icons in your blog.

  5. sagar


    I’m a bit of poet too,

    Can you suggest me how to publish a poetry book and what are the essentials require of this…

    Thanks Regards

  6. Dr Mahasweta M

    Gulzar Saab, i hd rqstd a New Year farmaish. Wld u like to write a couplet pl?
    Best Dr Mahasweta (Maddy M )


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