The Chronicles of Mirza Ghalib-2


This is the second edition of some famous anecdote from Ghalib’s life.

  • Narrated by Hali : One day in my presence he expressed extreme regret at [an incident that showed the disgrace of Muslims] and said, ‘There’s nothing of Muslimness in me, so I don’t know why I feel such grief and regret over the disgrace of Muslims.’ But since his temperament was extremely mischievous, when any hot idea occurred to him, he couldn’t stand not to express it, even if people considered him an infidel or a rake or an apostate.

  • After the Rebellion [of 1857], when his pension had been cut off and he hadn’t received permission to attend the [British] darbar, Pandit Moti Lal…came to visit. There was some talk of the pension. Mirza Sahib said, ‘In my whole life, if there’s any day when I haven’t drunk wine, then I’m an infidel [ek din sharaab nah pii ho to kaafir]; and if I’ve done the prayer one time, then I’m a sinner [ek daf((ah namaaz pa;Rhii ho to gunahgaar]. So I don’t know how the Government has counted me among the rebel Muslims!’

  • One day Mirza’s pupil and follower came and said, ‘Your Excellency, today I went to the tomb of Amir Khusrau. By the tomb there’s a khirni tree. I ate quite a number of its fruits. As soon as I had eaten them, it was as if the door of eloquence and rhetoric opened. Just see how eloquent I’ve become!’ Mirza said, ‘Aré my friend, why did you go six miles? Why don’t you eat the berries from the pipal tree in my back courtyard? You would have obtained fourteen grades of illumination!’

  • Once in the winter, a parrot’s cage was before him. Because of the cold, the parrot sat with his head tucked under his wing. Seeing this, Mirza said, ‘Friend Parrot! You have neither wife nor children– why should you sit there with your head bowed, in such a careworn state?’

  • [Learning of a friend who had been widowed twice and wished to marry again, Mirza wrote in a letter,] ‘Hearing about Umra’o Singh’s situation, I feel compassion on his behalf, and envy on my own. My God– he is one whose fetters have been cut twice! And here am I, who have had the hangman’s noose around my neck for more than fifty years– and neither does the noose break, nor does the breath quite leave my body!’

”kuch to padhiye ki log kahate hain // aaj ‘Ghalib’ gazal_saraa na huaa” 

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