Beginning of love – Part 3.

If you are reading this story(series) for the first time, start from “Beginning of love – Part 1.”

aage aatii thii haal-e-dil pe hansii // ab kisii baat par nahi aatii

Remember that best friend of mine who became a messenger for this other girl who likes me. Before I go any further, I’d like you to know who the social system in a boarding school works.

The girl I like and the other girl who likes me are from the same group. The group includes 5 members; the eligibility to become a member is that you need to be extra smart and also a class ranker, good looks are preferred.

However the group split. Why? Good question, I liked the lead of the group and the other not so important member likes me.  It’s a girl thing, you are an enemy if you like the guy I like or vice versa.

The group is now split into two, 3 in the other and 2 opposite. The girl I like is the majority group and the girl who I like is no longer in a group.  2 friends are no group, they are just friends.

Voldemort has his own group of 3 guys and 2 of them are from my dormitory, one of them is my bed partner.

I have my own gang too, this has no number, bad guys have a big gang and keeping a count is difficult. Basically I am part of many groups. However our main group doesn’t have members, we have sub-groups clubbed together. Unity is Strength.

My best friend’s girl friend is also the best friend of the girl who likes me. So my best friend would always listen to his girlfriend and in a way I was obliged to accept the proposal because a No would mean that I am not a really good friend and that my best friend is not good enough at convincing me. It would also mean that my best friends’ girlfriend had to make sure that she got her best friend a boy friend. So you know it was all interlinked and no one could help it. I had to say Yes.

I know this can be confusing, but it’s important to know. The group system has an effect on everyone and decisions are made keeping in mind that not only individuals are happy but also the group.

But the group thing didn’t work out really well in the girlfriend and boyfriend issue. It was not the same on the girl groups. They either break the group or break up with the guy.

So my new girlfriend and my best friends’ girlfriend is from Voldemort’s class. It came to my notice that my best friends’ girl friend plays a major role in convince the girl I like to accept Voldemor’s proposal. That way, it would close all doors to get the girl I like and I would still be single. In short they had planned to make me accept the proposal of the girl who likes me.

This is how groups, best friends and best friends’ girl friend can play a role in an individual’s decision.

Let me describe my new girl friend, all the political crap was not the only reason for me being with her, she was also the first girl to propose me and being a guy I didn’t want to say No. I accept I was greedy and dumb. Anyway, my new girlfriend is simple. End of introduction. I will end up comparing her to the girl I like and that would not do justice to an intro. I hate comparison but you are bound to compare people with what you like.

Okay I will try. She has a cute smile, she has short hair (I don’t like short hair), she has an Indian skin (not fair, not dark), she has a long nose and it looks good on her long face, average height. Over all, simple and cute, I mean she is not very good-looking and not very bad too. No girl is bad.

Did I mention her elder brother is also in my dormitory, do you understand what I mean. He is 3 years elder to me and in a boarding school a brother could mean devil in flesh and blood. I had to be prepared to have my bones broken any time and even if I could hit him back, I can’t hit him back, he is my girlfriends’ bro.

Voldemort is very happy. He has trapped me. I can’t even talk near my bed because his friend is my bed partner, his other friend is my best friends bed partner, I sit next to the girl I like, so I can’t even talk there, I am actually not allowed to talk to her(by order Voldemort). I am so helpless. I don’t get to meet my girlfriend because she is in Voldemort’s class and I don’t want to go there and look at his face. My best friend is a football player and is busy playing all evening. Suddenly I am lonely, depressed and sad. I have no clue about anything.

koii din gar zindaganii aur hai // apane jii me hamane thaanii aur hai

I am determined to find a solution to this nonsense. I am not ready for anything. Everything is out of control. The only person who can help me is the girl I like, I know that I will have to be prepared for battle royal if I talk to her, Voldemort Vs Fake Harry Potter. Whatever, I need to solve this.

main bulaataa to huun us ko magar ae jazbaa-e-dil // us pe ban jaaye kuchh aisii ki bin aaye na bane

 Me: I need to talk about all this.

Girl: About what?

Me: About Voldemort and my girlfriend.

Girl: Talk what? You have a girlfriend, be happy.

Me: I am not happy, I like you and I am trapped by your cunning boyfriend.

Girl: You don’t talk about him in this way. I like him.

Me: Like! As if I care.

Girl: I don’t want to talk. Get lost.

Me: Listen na, I am serious.

Girl: Listen to what? You don’t know how to talk. You have no respect for anyone.

Me: Done with the lecture. (I explain everything to her)

Girl: Hmmmm I understand. But I can’t do much. He won’t listen to me. Actually he is just very stubborn.

Me: What are you going to tell him? Do you have something in mind?

Girl: No, but I am sure that he will not listen to anything related to you. He will get angry and walk off. Even if I name you, that is it, World War.

Me: I am happy to know that he hates me, tell him I hate him too. The same is with my girlfriend, she can’t stand you.

Girl: I can’t talk to you for a long time, if he comes to know, first he will ensure that I bleed through the ears with his full volume lecture and cry a river as an apology. You may also end up with a black eye.

Me: (I imagine myself with a black eye) I am not scared. I can fight him.

Girl: I don’t want fights. We’ll talk later.

karane gaye the us se tagaaful kaa ham gilaa // kii ek hii nigaah ki bas khaak ho gae

 [tagaaful=negligence, gilaa=complaint, khaak=dust/ashes]

I am on my bed. I can’t believe that I asked a girl to help me out. What on earth is wrong with me? I will do it on my own. I get up and call my best friend to the study table. We act as if we are discussing about studies. He laughs throughout the conversation.

Me: Why don’t you understand? I don’t like her.

Best Friend: I know but you can’t break up. I have promised my girlfriend that you will not do anything stupid.

Me: It’s your promise, you deal with it.

Best Friend: Your problem is not your girlfriend, your problem is that someone else has the girl you like and you hate him. Your problem is that your ego is hurt, you are jealous. Your problem is that someone else less deserving ate your piece of cake (the white soft creamy part of it). Why blame an innocent girl who loves you with all her heart. Look at yourself, do you think you are worth it. Why will anyone love you? You are lucky to have a girl like her love you.

End of conversation.

Friends do talk that way and I was not hurt. Such conversations are normal between guys and best friends can screw you like hell. I realized something very important, the problem is not someone else and the problem is me, deep within me.

main ne majanuun pe ladakapan me ‘Asad’ //sang uthaayaa tha ke sar yaad aayaa

[sang=stone ]

Love, happiness and some more fights.

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2 thoughts on “Beginning of love – Part 3.

  1. aasia qurban

    well, to be honest , i started reading this with intention of just scanning through it, but ended up carefully reading all three parts in one go..!!:) some subtle observations about complex human interactions…keep em coming ….excellent work….

    1. Ali Muhammad. Post author


      I am surprised. You read approx 3000+ words in one go! I am on cloud 9. Wow. A new achievement. I didn’t know that my writing could have such an effect and you would read all of them in one go.

      Thanks alot. I hope Insah Allah I write better and have you as a reader for all my writings with your kind feedback.

      Jazak Allah.


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