Beginning of love – Part 6.

If you are reading this story(series) for the first time, start from “Beginning of love – Part 1.”

One night there was no power in school, our school was very big and when the current is on a vacation the school appears to be very haunted.  I had my group of friends in the dormitory and we would invent new games or copy some sport to pass our time at night. That night we decided to bring Wrestling to our dormitory. We had the torches set on the roof and the mattress on the ground. I was ‘The Rock’; every one picked their favorite wrestler.  The problem with a game like wresting is that it makes a lot of noise. We didn’t hurt each other but the sound effects would be close to the real game. When the power is off, it would be very silent all across and our wrestling managed to wake up our head master of the dormitory block. The thump and bangs crossed his ear drums and shocked his brain cells.

We were busy with our game; the headmaster came in his south Indian version of night dress known as a lungi. He called out my name. I couldn’t see anyone at the door. One of my friends was good at imitating him; I thought that he is trying to fool around. I replied back “You stop this nonsense and go to bed, let us play our game”. There was pin drop silence, my partner in crime somehow disappeared in the dark, I was the only one standing there, I was in my wrestling kit, you can imagine how wrestlers dress. I could hear footsteps; slowly a person appears out of the dark with a cane (bamboo stick) in his hand. I understood that I had pissed off the devil. He walked towards me; I could see the rage in his eyes.

Me: Sir, I didn’t mean that, I thought someone was imitating you. I swear those words were not for you.

Sir: (in south Indian accent): What ra? What doing you think you are up to? Why are you naked over here? Don’t you sleep at night? Everyone is sleeping. Why are you awake?

Me: We were playing sir, it was dark and we couldn’t sleep so just passing time.

Sir: Its 11 and you are not sleepy? Who else was playing? I can’t see anyone with you?

Me: Sir, they all ran away.

Sir: You are not letting anyone sleep. You woke me up and now I will teach you how to sleep.

Me: But….(thak, thuk, dishum, dishum……..aaah……uuuuuuuu…sorry……sorry…..sorry…….)

I don’t want to recall anything else, it still pains when I think about that night. Next morning I was had black and blue marks all over my body. He was a killer. Terminator, south indian version. No mercy, only fight.

The principal called me in his office, he asked me to explain everything. I gave him a repeat telecast of the event last night. He asked me “Why did you try your wrestling moves on your head master?”

Me: What? No. I didn’t do anything to me. In fact he beat me up like Bruce Lee.

Principal: (he calls in my head master): Look at his face. What is this?

I can see a big mark on his face.

Me : I didn’t do this. May be in the dark and in an attempt to save myself from him, accidently my hands may have hit him. But I swear I didn’t intent to hurt him or anything.

I was sent out and my parents were called. I had to leave the school boarding and move out as a Day Scholar.(come to school and leave when my classes are over, no boarding anymore.)

Our school was a mixed one; we had boarding as well as other students who lived nearby, mostly army kids or rich parents who felt that sending their kids to this school would make some difference. I managed to find a Paying Guest kind of a house where many other students also lived. I had my freedom over here. It was best of both worlds. I was the new hero of school. Everyone thought that I and my head master had a fight and I punched him.  I supported the rumor and made it sound like, I did fight back.So here I was out of boarding and with one more star on my shoulder.

Mobile had become famous by now and even I wanted to own one. I managed to convince my mom to get me a mobile. I am the only son, so you know Mom would get me everything to make me happy and all.

I went to school every day and came back in the afternoon and had nothing to do all day, I missed my friends and the dormitory. They still play wrestling at night, a silent version of it. The 1 rupee coin box had reached our school recently and it was the next big for everyone. The big red coin box was the most attractive gadget the students had ever come across. Just 1 rupee and talk for 3 mins. That was cool. I had a mobile. My empty mind had this plan.

Me: Listen, we should talk on phone. I have a mobile and you can call me from that coin box.

Girl: What if anyone comes to know about this?

Me: You are the house captain, you are a scholar and you have a reputation like Nelson Mandela.  No one will doubt you.

Girl: It’s a good plan. How will I manage to get the coins, I guess we’ll talk for a long time and I will need lots of coins.

Me:  Go to the canteen and get them. No big deal. Outgoing from a mobile phone is very costly. You are rich girl, so please you call me. Okay.

Girl: Money is not a big deal. I just don’t want to get caught.

Me: We’ll manage that.

End of conversation.

She leaves, her perfume fragrance mixes with the air around, her hair bouncing as she moves, brown hair, golden natural highlights, perfect skin for a fair & lovely advertisement.

I go home and wait for her to call me. Technology had taken over my life, the mobile phone was the best thing invented. I sit under the tree, looking at my mobile phone, it rings…….

Girl: Hello, is this you?

Me: Yes, is that you?

Girl : Yes. How are you? I am really scared. We’ll talk fast and keep. Okay.

Me: Everything happens the first time. You’ll do well. How was your day?

Girl: Fine, what about you? I don’t want him to know about this, he’ll kill me……






We spoke for hours every day. I wish she had a mobile phone too, so that we could talk at night. This was the best thing that ever happened to me. It felt like God put me out of the school so that I could talk to her.

This continued for a few months until one fine day some girl went and informed Voldemort about all this.  He went mad. He was on fire.  I was playing and suddenly I am on the ground, he jumps on me and starts his hand machine gun.

My friends pull him off me; I am in a mess, my school dress is brown instead of whitr. I am angry too.

Me: Go talk to your girlfriend about this. Don’t you dare touch me ! She is the one who calls me. Its not only me who is talking to her. She calls me first.

Voldemort : I know you have brainwashed her and you are trying to separate us.

Me: I am not trying, she doesn’t love you and you better understand that.

Voldemort : You better save yourself, I am going to finish you.

Me: Go talk to your girlfriend and then we’ll see who finishes who.

End of fight.

She calls me that evening and……

Girl: Did you and Voldemort fight?

Me: No. He jumped on me and started it.

Girl: What did you tell him?

Me: I told him the truth that you don’t love him and all.

Girl: You need not tell him everything.

Me: So that he comes and fights again. He should know that you don’t love him and he should stay out of this.

Girl: It’s not so simple. We’ll talk later. I have to go now.

This tri-angle continues till school hits the summer vacation. We all go to home sweet home. She gives me a missed call from the landline phone at her house, she can’t call because the number will reflect in the bill. We figured out a way to keep in touch.  She would call her best friend and ask her to call me and this is how all the messages were passed. She can’t talk to me for long. If her parents call the landline and if it has to give the busy message, a lot of question answers rounds and trouble for her.

She did everything a girlfriend would do for her boyfriend but still no sign of the 3 magic words. She is still in a relationship with Voldemort . They don’t talk but its not over. I am still confused.

College, school and travel.

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