Beginning of love – Part 7.

If you are reading this story(series) for the first time, start from “Beginning of love – Part 1.”

NOTE : This part has little love story and lots of background story, but it is important to know how and why things happened.

During the summer vacation we called each other everyday(she gave a missed call from her landline phone, I called back), spoke for hours, we had a good time. One of the best summer vacations.

She has already passed out from the school; I had failed one class so I had one more to go. As soon as I enter school after the summer vacation, everyone looks at me like I landed from Mars.  I had managed to stand 3rd in the class in the half-yearly exams but to my dismay, I was failed again. They desperately wanted me out of the school.

So how did I fail again? I forgot to mention something. While writing our exams, I was helping one guy to cheat.  I was the top scorer in one of the subjects and I wanted to score a 100. He was a little weak in that particular subject; I was done with writing all the answers in about half the time we were given.  I was missing 2 points in an answer, the guy sitting behind me had some chits and luckily he had the chit for that answer. I traded all my answers for those 2 points which I could not recollect.

The supervisor caught me and that guy, along with us 5 other students were caught with chits too. I didn’t have a chit at all, I was just helping the other guy but since it was me and they were desperately waiting for me to do something stupid, I was also taken to the vice-principal.  All the other students were asked to leave, they were given a warning and that was the end of their punishment. I was asked to stay back.

Teacher: We were waiting for you to do something like this and you got yourself trapped.

Me: I was not cheating or anything, I am prepared to write the exam again. Others were also cheating. Why don’t you do something about that?

Teacher: Others have not troubled us for 10 years and others are not you.

Me: You do what you feel like, I will take this to the highest level and we’ll see than.

I leave without asking. They wanted a chance and I gave it to them.

So here I am, after the summer vacation, my class teacher sends for me.

Me: Yes, you called me.

Class teacher: Yes, how were your holidays? Had fun.

Me: Yes, I did. No doubts about fun.

Teacher: I am sorry to say but fun ends. You have been detained in this class.

Me: What about the others who cheated the other day. I am sure they were promoted to the next class after failing miserably. Why?

Teacher: All I know is, you have been detained and this time they will not let you repeat this class.

Me: I am not repeating any class; I studied hard and put in a lot of hard work. 

I am like a hurricane getting close to the principal’s office. I go in without asking or knocking the door.

Me: This is not fair. You can’t detain me for any reason.  Children are bound to create mischief, behave in an inappropriate manner.  All your teachers were not able to do anything about it. They just sat down and complained about everything I did. Instead they should have corrected me; if I refused to improve it is because all your management was not able to correct one child. Sir, it’s not me who has failed, it is your school who failed to improve me. Don’t transfer your failure to me.

(If you are thinking I didn’t say the above, yes I did.)

Principal: I am not the only one running this school. Don’t blame anyone except yourself, my child. I did all I could to see that you continued and passed out from this school. I understand what this means to you. But I can’t help it. You have invited this for yourself.  The staff says that you manage to study, however because of you; other students are not able to study.  To save one boys future, we can’t risk everyone’s.

Me: So you are trying to convince me that I should bow my head and walk out of this door, pack my bags and leave with proudly thinking I saved the future of many. What a great sacrifice I did. No, this is not happening.  You know that I didn’t fail. I can pass this class without touching the books.

Principal: This is my last day as a principal, I did everything for you. But I had to give in to the majority. No one would agree to have you here anymore.

Me: So what can be done? How do I get back?

Principal: Go, get a note from all your teachers with their signature mentioning that they agree to let you in, but they will not promote you to the next class. I am sure about this. You leave in peace and we will not mention your detention in the leaving certificate. This is all I can do for you.

I walk out of his office; I decide to get a note from every teacher. This is no easy task. This is a very big school.  I will not waste my energy and your time writing about how they ignored me and the excuses they gave, finally none of them agreed to it.  I remember this one teacher asking me “How will your prove to me that you will be a good boy and study, also let others study. Prove it”. I had no answer to that question.

On the way back to the principal office, I met the teacher who was going to go be the acting principal for the next few months until the school gets a new principal after this one leaves.

I didn’t even look at him but he calls me and says “No matter how hard you try, you will not get in this time. It’s better if you leave”. I looked at him in the eye with anger and rage, he didn’t speak another word and left.

I am back to the principal’s cabin. I ask him:

Me: So there doesn’t seem to be any way out of this problem.

Principal: Yes, my child. I am sorry but there is no way out. You should leave. I’ll inform my staff to mark you as promoted to next class in your leaving certificate.

Me: I have no other choice left. Okay.

Remember I mentioned before that I and the teachers played this game all these years and I won every time but they won once. This is the first and last time they won the game and I was out. I read somewhere “It doesn’t matter if you win every battle, but winning the war makes all the difference.”  They had won the war. Any ways I meet all my friends and wish them all the best. I stayed there till evening trying to capture each person, each building, each corner in my photographic memory of my empty brain.

I still remember the my last walk in the school towards the gate. The last person I met was the principal and his farewell speech will always remain the best one “When you walk out of that gate, you will find lakhs of people who are like you and many more who are better, In this school there was only one you. No one else could replace you. But outside every other person will replace you. Make your place. The moment you step out of the gate, your childhood is finished and the worst time starts. Make the best of it. Do well.” I didn’t take it very seriously back then. But when I walked out of that gate, trust me the worst time started.

I go back home, I have no clue and I am lost. Mumbai has nothing more to offer me. Some personal issues at home forced me to leave the city and move to a small town in a different state in the north. Now I was more than a thousand kilometers away from Mumbai, the city I love. The day I reached my new home in that small town, I get a call from the girl I like.

Girl: I am sorry. I heard the issue at school. Don’t worry you will do well.

Me: I don’t know what I will do but I will try my best. So how are you? Did you get admition in any college? 

I forgot to mention, her home town; she was from a different state. She lived far away from Mumbai but had relatives and all that in Mumbai.

Girl: Yes, I just got admition in XYZ College. I am so happy.

Me: (I am blank, shocked and surprised.): That College is in MUMBAI. 30 Minutes from my house. You moved to Mumbai. No, this is not happening.  Really???

Girl: Why? You not happy kya?  Now we can meet every day. No restrictions, no boyfriend issues. We’ll have fun.

Me: No, we’ll not be able to meet. I just left Mumbai and I am very far away now. I explained to her everything and why I had to leave Mumbai. All the personal issues and drama.

(I will write another story describing the personal issues, it’s very long)

Girl: That’s sad. I was so happy. I thought we’ll meet and enjoy. But……

Me: You have fun. I’ll come often to meet you. Don’t worry.

Girl: I wish all this was not true. It would have been so good if you were here. Anyway, I will call you later. Bye.

I just lost my city, my school, my friends and now I also lost my future girlfriend. Wow, everything had to happen at the same time. What a joke my life has become. No one will even believe all this. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

I was broken, I had no plans. I didn’t know what I would do. The place I was in was smaller than the smallest part of Mumbai. It was like a desert. A shark who lives in an ocean can’t survive in a pond.

Mumbai – Travel – Relationship. Next part soon.



One thought on “Beginning of love – Part 7.

  1. sameha

    I can not believe this could ever happen to someone else other than me, not exactly the same as ur story but slightly the same. I know how it feels to loose everything at once, but reading ur story and ur positive attitude is giving me lots of strength:) keep it up!


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