Beginning of love – Part 8.

If you are reading this story(series) for the first time, start from “Beginning of love – Part 1.”

Here I was in some small town far away from my hometown, far away from everything I ever knew. All this while, I believed that boarding life had made me strong and I can handle all this stuff, no big deal blah blah blah… but no, I was not ready for this cultural, geographical and emotional change. It was like being born again, all I did for the last 15 years was down the drain, I was standing at a point known as do or die.  I was depressed and sad but I decided to give myself a second chance and attempted another try at life and started taking the changes in a positive way.

Every now and then, I would be in Mumbai to meet the girl I like, enough, I’ll use the word love.  Meet the girl I love. I remember the first meeting; I reached Mumbai at 10 in the night, rainy season as always. Arrived at Dadar station, it’s like Mecca of railway stations in the west. I still had a house in Mumbai, I called that night, did I mention that by now she got a new mobile phone for herself. College girl and all that crap got a her a new phone and got me paying more phone bills every month. Anyways I reached my place and didn’t sleep all night, we had scheduled our meeting at 5 in the morning at Dadar station, platform number 1 near the juice counter adjacent to the ticket counter.

I got in a local train from Goregaon and reached Dadar at 5.15. Late as usual, she was already there sharp at 5; she assumed that I would be there by 4.30 and all that girly thing you know.  I got down at platform number 2 and I could see her from this side.  It’s crowded even at 5.15 in the morning, not many people, but enough to distract you. Standing near the juice counter in her college dress, yeah her college was more like a school. The black skirt, yes it had black skirt, it was a surprise for me, I mean black is usually not associated to schools and stuff,  grey shirt, brown hair with a single pony and the golden highlight strands of hair disturbing her eyes , she slowly curls her hair behind her rabbit like ears,  it was about dawn,  I could see that she was getting impatient, looking at her watch, ohhh her face, full moon on platform number 1, white ocean and the morning sun her eyes.  Looks left and then finally looks straight. (Trumpets, drums, violin, and piano all the romantic music, flowers, lots of clouds. ) Stop, local train passes by. I get on platform number 1, she is angry, very angry.

Girl: What’s the time?

Me: I don’t know.

Girl: (pointing towards the big 1950 clock on the platform) : See that, 5.23.

Me:  I can’t help it, I didn’t sleep to get here on time but…

Girl: Enough , I don’t want to waste 10 mins listing to a not so convincing reason of being late. I have to be in college before 7.

Me: We have more than an hour and your college is like 5 stations away, we can go walking :P

Girl: I wanted to spend some time, we are meeting after more than 3 or 4 months, you love me  ? I can see that. Don’t ever tell me love and all that.

Me: I am happy to know that you wanted to spend time with me.  You know…..

Girl: Again a romantic speech, no bas. (Enough). Where should we go ?

Wait, before I continue any further, if you ask me a million times where should we go? And if I am in Mumbai, you’ll get the same answer. Beach.  I can map all the beaches in Mumbai in like 5 mins on a blank paper.

Me: Juhu. (Google it guys). You college is not very far from your college. We can sit over there.

Girl: What about all the sand that will go in my shoes and socks, irritate me the whole day and get caught at home.

So her home in Mumbai was her aunt’s house. All these aunts are strict and will always question you even if there is no need for a question, it shows concern. Yeah.

Me: We are not going to swim, we’ll sit on the bench(back then they had all the stalls on the beach, it has been modernized now. Sad)

Girl: And then?

Me: Or else if you so allergic to sand and cool breeze, we can go to Bandra Reclamation or bandstand. (Google it, its lovers paradise or flirting paradise, whatever)

Girl: Okay, we’ll go in a taxi.

Me : (counting the kilometers and calculating the fare in my mind, I am a disaster at maths but I knew that its going to be a 3 digit bill. I don’t mind spending but when you can travel in 10 why spend 100. ) : We can go in the train also, no rush or anything.

Girl: People look, I don’t like it. Let’s go in a taxi. 

Me: Okay.

We get into a Taxi, she sits far, her perfume starts to linger over my senses, her skin shines and reflects the morning sun, looking out of the window the golden hair lock curls at times on her face and then behind the ear, it is drizzling, water droplets on her lips, the gloss, se wipes off the water with her lips. She looks at me “What are you thinking?”

Hum khuda ke kabhi kayal to na the // unko dekha to khuda yaad aaya. 

“Nothing “I reply.  We talk about school and how naughty I was, we discuss about our future and about how beautiful the morning is, how cool the breeze is, how the ocean is so big and about everything which is not at all romantic

After a long ride, we finally reach the college and all the good byes and emotional drama, cut it. “We’ll meet soon.” I say. “offcourse” she replied.

Like a very good boy, I go to the nearest station, no taxi and all. My phone rings,

Me: Hello, superman here.

Girl: Shut up! Where are you?

Me: Near the station . Why?

Girl: It was nice meeting you.

I am in heaven for 3 seconds.

Me: Do I even need to appreciate or thank you for this. You know how I felt.

Girl : Yeah. Thanks and Bye. See you soon.

I go home and sleep peacefully and get up at 12.30 sharp.  By 1.30 I am near her college. I know where she goes after college.

Girl : What are you doing here ?

Me: I am Spiderman, I can be anywhere.

Girl : When will you be like a normal person?

Me : When you start loving me.

Girl : Ohh you can keep your superpowers, it will  be of use to get other girls.

Me : Funny. Common,  I’ll drop you home.

We get a taxi, this time she sits a little close to me, like 2 inches close, it’s still closer than morning. Her perfume has not lost its power, her skin has not lost the glow, her eyes are bright as the afternoon sun.

Sometime I enjoy the traffic, like when I am with a girl or when I have to go to a place where I don’t want to go etc etc.

I leave her near her house. As soon as I am about to leave that taxi near the station my phone rings.

Me: Yeah. He-Man here.

Girl: Listen, did you leave that Taxi?

Me: (thinking why is she asking me this ?) : No why ?

Girl: I forgot the keys in that taxi.

Me: Awesome, so I should come back and give you the keys ? Right.

Girl: Yeah, we both are lucky, I for the keys and you for me.

Taxi reverse, we meet and I have said bye like a million times now but we end up meeting again and again. I would travel to Mumbai every 3 months to meet her and the same routine was followed except for the rain. We would just roam around the city, you can call it a Mumbai Darshan. Many special moments which words cannot express. I meet her like a boyfriend would meet his girlfriend in a long distance relationship, we would talk for hours at night over the phone. Everything was going great but we were not in a relationship. No I love you and all that couple stuff. Just friends or may be very good friends. A year passed and we met a couple of times.

I am a 1000 miles away, we do talk on the phone but when it starts to throw the busy tone now and again, I start to doubt. I ask her:

Me : How come Voldemort is not in touch with you?  How is our life complete without a villain ?

Girl : Dont get mad at me, listen to everything and then tell me what to do.

Me : I already understood 90 % of what you gonna tell me but anyways you can share.

Return of the villain. Voldemort some how finds out everything about her, the college, the phone number, the house and every other detail. He calls her and she can’t refuse to talk or meet him. He is similar to Voldemort, not every one can afford to piss him off.

She starts telling me everything he does, he comes near the college and asks her out, she can’t say No. He calls and asks 100 questions, in short everything I don’t like.

I have no control over anything, I can’t help it. Only she can do something about it.

Distance-breakup-More Distance.



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