Beginning of love – Part 9.

If you are reading this story(series) for the first time, start from “Beginning of love – Part 1.”

I have settled in this new place, adjusted to the changes and made some new friends, the speed at which things were becoming good in life, at the same speed things were getting worse in my love life.

Communication was limited, first it was meeting, then hours of phone calls, then messages, then very few messages and finally no communication at all. I did my best to make things right but I could no longer travel because of school and she could not call me because of Voldemort. I am not sure of the reasons she gave me.

During the summer vacation, I, along with a friend came to Mumbai, while roaming around the city, we reached Dadar, it was afternoon time but for some reason my heart felt that I would see her. Mumbai is a big city and you will rarely bump into someone you know, the probability is like a million strangers to 1 known person. I guess I was lucky, I was standing near the door in this local train and I  saw her waiting on Platform no 1, same place. I was stupid to do whatever I did that day. I asked my friends to get off the train immediately while I jumped from the door on to the tracks and then to the platform because I didn’t want to miss this chance.

Girl : How come you are here ?

Me: I am Spiderman, I can be anywhere.

Girl : You have not changed at all. 2 years have passed and the dialogues haven’t changed at all.

Me: 5+ years and still the same girl. No change. What are you doing over here at this time?

Girl : Board Exams or else by this time I am at home. You are lucky to find me.

Me: Yeah, I know.  So you going by train, can I join?

Girl : You alone ?

Me : No, along with a friend, (by this time my friend had crossed the walkover and was on platform no 1.) This is my friend.

They both say Hi and all that.

Girl : We’ll go in the Taxi. Okay.

Me: (Not Again) : Okay.

We sit in the taxi, my friend takes the front seat, I and the girl sit close to each other, we discuss everything and how things changed and what caused the change etc etc. I never realized how fast we reached the college. We bid goodbye. If I knew that it was the last time I am going to see her, I would have spent some more time, the good-bye would have been different, it would have been special but like every time, I hoped to meet again, meet soon.

We did talk over the phone but only for a couple of minutes, she had taken admission in a new college after clearing her 12 th boards and joined a diploma course in interior decoration. Voldemort knew everything, he couldn’t join the same college because his grades were not so good but he was the picaso of our school so he had no issues with the diploma in interior decorating, he just wanted to be with here, he was not interested in the diploma. They had weekend classes and he would never miss a class, he would always sit beside her. She did tell me that she didn’t like all this but had no choice but to cooperate.

She spoke like a married women whose husband comes and beats her up, she can’t do anything because of children and society blah blah. I believe she was smart enough to get rid of him and the excuses she gave me were not so convincing, since I had never been in such a situation where a girl would trouble me and I had to get away from her, I had no idea how it would have been for her. But for some reason, today I think that she could have done it.

I would visit Mumbai for all special occasions; I was in Mumbai for New Year Celebration.  My way of celebrating New Years was very simple, I had a very good friend and we would sit near the beach and watch the crackers go up in the sky, it was awesome. But this time he was busy or something, I called up my an old friend who was my bed partner in boarding, I did mention about hum earlier, in case you forgot or don’t remember at all, he was also Voldemort’s best friend.  We met and decided to go to the beach. On the way  Voldemort called him and asked us to join him and his group, I didn’t care. I wanted to meet him and talk about all the crap that was happening.  We met, his friends got the alcohol, I don’t drink and this villain doesn’t drink too. Sometimes you need not drink to feel drunk, the cool breeze and 5 drunken friends can make you feel drunk. We both were waiting to bring up the issue but it was awkward. Somehow he managed to start :

Voldemort: You in contact with her ?

Me:  How can I be, it will be either you or me.

Voldemort : Yes off course, she is my girlfriend, we meet and all that.

Me:  That’s really cool. Good for you.

Voldemort : She told me that you use to come and meet her at the station and all that. Is that true ?

Me :  It was from both sides. Yes we use  to meet, but not after your re-entry.

Voldemort: No, she told me that she didn’t want to meet you and you started troubling her, then she had to stop traveling by train since you were always on the station waiting for her. You call her and start crying. Common, you can tell me.

Me: All this is bullshit. She called me every day and ….(I wanted to tell him that she told me the same about him but I didn’t trust this guy, he would have made up all this crap. ) All I know is that this is not true; it was from both sides and now its over.

Voldemort: I know you won’t accept it. Anyways forget it, I am sure you’ll not do it again.

Me: I am no longer interested in her. You both can be happy.

End of Conversation.

I never called her for a clarification because even if she would have told him all that, she would not accept it. But his wordings were very similar to how she talks and complains. Till this moment, I am not sure if she did tell him all that or if the smart guy made it up.

So they were together, I was away, the end was near. But wait, this is the beginning of love and not the end.

She was in this new college with new friends and in this diploma class with Voldemort. She was having a good time but whenever she spoke to me, it appeared that she was not enjoying, she wanted something more from life. I know very little of her life after this, I got busy with my own. I remember the last time we spoke over the phone; it was a few years ago. She was troubled; we had the same issues for years, Voldemort, love, family etc etc. All these years we were never in a relation but in a bond which can only be felt in the heart and the dictionary is yet to evolve to have words which can describe such relations. I am not the only one who has been through such phases, I am sure there are many. Again, this is not the end, it’s the beginning.

New City-Rebound-Escape. Next part soon.



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