Beginning of love – Part 10.

If you are reading this story(series) for the first time, start from “Beginning of love – Part 1.”

One day my good friend from the south called me and invited me to his house for a visit. Since I had no other work and I was already frustrated with this small town, I decided to go. Initially my visit was planned for 1 week, then it became a month and then 2 months and I am still over here. I was not in contact with the girl I love, by now I had already forgotten her, all the memories where archived in the brain. I had moved on, not that I don’t love her but sometimes it’s best to move on.

To be honest I was already in a relationship with someone else, will write about her some other time. This new city worked out for me, I got admission in a good college and I never attended classes or even see the college for the full year except for the final exams. I also got a cool job and I am always at work.

One day I was getting ready for work, my phones rings :

Me: Hello, who’s this?

Friend: (The same guy who was my best friend, my bed partner, remember.): Hey, how’s life?

Me: Hey, after a long time. How are you?

Friend: I am good. Where are you?

Me: I am at home. Why?

Friend: Cool. Do you know where she is?

Me: Who?

Friend: (He mentions the girl I love): When was the last time you spoke to her?

Me: Why you doing all this investigation? Is everything alright?

Friend: Yes, just asking.

Me: It’s been almost a year; I am not in contact with her.

Friend: Okay, I’ll hang up now. Talk to you later.

End of conversation.

I had no clue, why he asked all the stupid questions. In a few minutes I get another call.

Me: Hello.

Friend (This was one her good friend, the same girl who made me angry over the chess game, remember): Hi. How are you?

Me: I am cool. What’s up with you? Where did you get my number from?

Friend: (She got my number from the same guy who called me 5 mins ago): Do you know where she is?

Me: Will some body tell me what’s going on? I mean you guys keep asking me questions, before I answer, I want to know the why you guys asking me?

Friend: Listen and don’t tell anyone okay. Promise me.

Me: Okay, promise, whatever.

Friend: She ran away from her house and no one knows where she has gone.

Me: From Mumbai?

Friend: No. From her house. Her parents had taken her from Mumbai because she had some fight with her aunty and all that.

Me: What can I do?

Friend: Everyone knows that she talks to you and shares everything. Did you know about this?

Me: I am not in contact since a year or something; I have no clue about this.

Friend: Is she with you or something? I mean her parents are really worried and her dad has fallen really sick, he is a heart patient, you know that right?

Me: I know everything but trust me, she is not here. If I had any idea about this I would have stopped her. This is not right.

Friend: I know. How could she do all this?

Me: Yeah. I can’t believe that she really ran away from her place. I mean why?

Friend: I don’t know. Nobody knows.

Me: I am sure she is with Voldemort.

Friend: No. She hates him. She won’t go to him.

Me: She can only go to him, since she is not here, she has to be with Voldemort.

Friend: We spoke to him; he says he doesn’t know anything.

Me: Ohh so you expect him to tell you everything. Wait I will find out.

Friend: How?

Me: Leave that to me.

End of Conversation.

I call several guys who know Voldemort and ask them to inform me about him. They tell me that he is not to be seen for a several days but he is in town. Somehow we all manage to figure out there location and all the updates are shared with her parents via friends.

My phone rings.

Me: Hello.

Her Mom: Hello, is this you?

Me: Yeah. Who’s this?

Her Mom: I am her mom.

Me: How are you aunty, I hope you got her address.

Her Mom: Yes we are on the way. We’ll update you when we find her.

Me: Yes, sure. Do you know why she took this step ?

Her Mom: No. I have no clue. You must be knowing.

Me: No. I have not been in contact with her since a year or so.

Her Mom: We’ll update you as soon as we get to her.

I patiently wait for her mom’s call. In the waiting process, I get a flash back of the times we spent together and I kept thinking “What made such a girl, take this step?” I mean we all admired her for everything. She was the one who would give me lectures on family and what not. Was it that the doctor could not treat himself? I thought, if I had been in contact, things would have different, she would have had someone to tell her what to do and what not to but she was smart enough to take her decisions. There has to be a big reason behind this.

After a few hours, phone rings.

Me: Hello Aunty! Did you find her?

Her Mom: Yes, she is with us. I’ll talk to you when we reach home. Thank you so much for everything.

Me: No issues. Thanks. Okay, so finally they found her.

I get a few calls from all our friends and we discuss about the breaking news, most of them thought that I had asked her to run from her house and stuff. We all were shocked when we first heard it and no one had any clue of what went wrong and why did she take this step. All I know is that someone has lost all their respect. I mean I liked someone and they did such a stupid thing. I know I am not aware of the reasons but I am sure, whatever the reasons may be, at the end of the day, one should not run away from problems.

I get a call from her Mom the next day and she tells me the story behind her decisions. Her version was something like this:

She was at her aunt’s place and she was not happy because she didn’t get the freedom she wanted (I understand, Mumbai can have that effect on people, everybody wants their space but she was from boarding school, freedom should never be a problem, I mean all her life she has been in boundaries. May be she wanted to feel free after so many years of being in a boarding school and having no freedom.)

This was the reason given by her mom and she did some stupid things at her aunt’s house due to which she was called to her own house and had to miss college. She wanted to live her life her way and didn’t want anyone to tell her anything. Her father was strict but every father is bound to impart his duties. I mean she was beautiful and talented; a good horse can go wild if not trained well.

Comparing a human to an animal may not be the best thing but the fastest horse does not win a race, the horse who has been trained well and has a good jockey does win it. She did not like the control and restrictions that was put on her by her family. Whatever the reason may be, you ran away, fine but why go to the person whom you don’t like and whom you don’t trust,

I am confused, all these years she told me that she had no feelings for him and could not trust him. She told the same to her best friends. So why go to him? Was it because she had no other option or was it a choice. Her Mom also told he that , she went there and only met him once, when they asked her that if she would want to marry Voldemort she said “No, I am not interested to marry him”. I am blank.

It’s a long story of how she managed to run away. Thanks to FB and mobile, surely Voldemort helped her. Only she knows why she ran away, what forced her to take such a decision, all her reputation at stake. She lost all the respect she had. Everybody who knew her didn’t expect this and she had fallen from heaven into a hell hole. At the end of the day, I thought did she ever love me or did she love anyone. After all these years have I been able to understand her even a bit. Sometimes I feel I don’t know her at all. I did ask her Mom to let her talk to me but she said that she is not interested to talk to anyone. Not me, not her best friends, to no one.

I never expected things to go this way, the doctor who once healed me was sick, very sick and I can’t do anything about it. I haven’t spoken to her in all these years and after that incident she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. So many questions left unanswered, so many things left to understand. It’s not the end. I want an answer, I want to understand but the only person who can answer doesn’t want to talk. I can’t force her.

I want to know about everything; above all I want to know if she ever loved me, even for a single second. I am waiting for the day when we talk and all the questions are answered. I don’t know what she is doing, I don’t know about her life, I don’t know anything, All I know is that I did love someone, love without any expectation, with only a hope that I will get love in return. All I know is that I have lost someone who was never mine.

Till then it’s the Beginning of love , the unexpected end is yet to come. The final meeting is awaited.

It’s the beginning.

Ibteda-e-ishq hai rota hai kya // Agay agay dekhiye hota hai kya – Mir Taqi Mir.

[ Ibteda -e-ishq = Beginning of love ]

NOTE : A small request. Kindly leave your comments about the story, did you like it or not like, share you views. The feedback will help me to write or not write. Any tips or advice. You can write whatever you feel, good or bad, you are welcome to criticize, will help me. Just a small request. Thanks for reading. More to come. Will work on the feedback you leave. Waiting.

Until  then. Khuda Hafiz.



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