I was counting on you !

I closed my eyes, after holding your hand,

Thinking you will be there besides me, my Friend !


I thought of you, I dreamt of you all night,

it took time to realize that it was not right.


I understood you even when you, never spoke,

Thanks for hurting my heart, which had already broke.


It was my mistake, that I came so close,

I didn’t even think that you would oppose.


I know I hurt you and your fragile heart,

I couldn’t keep myself at a distance guard.


I never changed fast, I never left you side,

You stopped on the way, and thought to decide.


I know I have hurt you a lot, deep inside,

My eyes my be dry, but deep inside even I cried.


Once only once You just have to look within me,

There is pain ! I know it can be difficult to see.


I was counting on YOU…

I fear that you even you will soon go….

But you know I was counting on YOU………..

© Copyright Reserved. ® 2011


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