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A timeline of Allama Iqbal’s life. 

An extensive timeline of Allama Iqbal’s life.



Mirza Ghalib’s Timeline. 

A Day In the Life of Allama Iqbal




One thought on ““Taswir-e-Iqbal”

  1. Salahuddin Ahmad

    Photographs are good but sharpness was missing in most of them. Modyfy them by utilizing a relevant computer software. Do you have colour photographs recorded in England & Germany too ? Britain had colour photograph technology as back as 1850, invented first by Lipmann. His color photograph along with class fellow Atiya Begum Fyzee of Bombay, India must exist in London archives. She was a fiery eloquence & a very balanced & sophisticated mind. Some Lahoreans have released two real colour photographs of him. BBC Urdu’s Athar Ali had tape records of Allamah Iqbal’s real voices, taken from London & Hydelberg & aired in 1976 on BBC Radio too. Does anyone have any ?


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