Who is “The Best Lyricists” of all time?


4 thoughts on “Who is “The Best Lyricists” of all time?

  1. Rajshekhar Malaviya

    It’s very difficult to rank these legends; how do you say that Sahir was better than Kaifi and vice versa? I can list my favourites, of course. Sahir, Kaifi, Shailendra, Gulzar, Javed, and Majrooh. Of course, Gopaldas Neeraj is a glaring omission.

  2. Atul (@aptrivedi)

    These things will reflect those views who participate and all such rankings suffer from recency. Best way is to play clips of their songs best/ Ok/ bad ones and then ask ppl to vote each song. Again ask each to read lyrics some other stanza and rate lyrics. Also choose a representative sample. In India we are not trained to do research properly with rigour and flaunt mostly opinions as research

  3. hardilaziz

    I agree with Rajshekar. Gopaldas Neeraj is indeed a major omission error. I am surprised that Shailendra has received such a low percentage of votes. Among Hindustani poets, he was a cut above the rest. It is not fair to compare Urdu poets/lyricists with HIndustani poets. They should be judged as separate categories.


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