Documentary on ‘Faiz Ahmed Faiz’ by Dawn News Pakistan – ‘Faiz Kay 100 Saal’


Recently while watching some videos on You Tube, I happened to watch a documentary on   Faiz Ahmed Faiz by Dawn News titled ‘Faiz Kay 100 Saal’. In the recent past, I also read several articles by Dawn which were informative and helped me know more about Faiz Saheb.

This documentary is divided in 5 parts – What I like about the documentary is that, Dawn has called companions of Faiz Ahmed Faiz to talk about their relationship with Faiz Saheb and also highlight his character as a person and poetic purpose and have also kept the language simple without adding any unessacary content. The best part of the documantary is that Dawn has also added videos of Faiz Saheb reciting his famous poems.

Part 1 – 


Part 2 –


Part 3 –


Part 4 – 


Part 5 –


Hope you enjoyed the Documentary as I did. Kudos to Dawn News for this !

I’ll post another blog with the articles published by Dawn News on Faiz Ahmed Faiz

You can find Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Poetry on Twitter – @FaizPoetry

Thank you,

Ali Muhammad Ali – @AliPoetry

Sources – Dawn News Pakistan, Youtube Channel of Dawn News Pakistan


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