Contact / Twitter

In the  pursuit of spreading works of Great Poets and serving the Urdu Language.

Below are the Twitter accounts / handles I created and manage :

Mirza Ghalib :             @GhalibPoetry

Mir Taqi Mir :             @MirPoetry

Faiz Ahmed Faiz :       @FaizPoetry

Gulzar :                        @GulzarPoetry

Allama Iqbal :             @IqbalPoetry_

Jagjit Singh :               @JagjitSinghG

All Poets(mix) :          @Shayeri4all

Ali Muhammad :        @AliPoetry

My account / handle is the last one.




One thought on “Contact / Twitter

  1. Nitin

    Wow ..thanks Ali for fine picking the gems of urdu poetry… i am Nitin a SW engineer by prof wrkg in Bangalore belong to the city of Nawabs .. hence a lover of urdu & fine poetry relished visiting your site….urdu as a lang is so soothing to hear…and fine poetry in urdu is just too much …keep it up…


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